Productized & Managed Services Solutions
The challenge for companies that build and market application products is to translate their technology leadership and vision to features and functionality that bring business value to end-customers. In line with the challenge, we design and develop solutions, which cater specifically to our customer’s needs thus making their business more profitable. We help our customers integrate even the end-customers into their value chain.
Performance & Incentive Management Engine

In today’s Dynamic Markets sustained growth cannot be achieved without influencing sales force behavior, which has been displayed a positive co-relation with providing incentives to do the right things the right way.

Geine Technologies SPIM Platform is a holistic next generation business objective led technology solution which enables corporate to set targets, monitor achievement/performance and calculate incentives/rebates efficiently and effectively on a managed services model.

The Geine Technologies SPIM Platform enables corporate to :
  • Communicate & validate/reinforce agile sale strategies,
  • Influence sales force behavior,
  • Improve operating efficiency,
  • Measure & manage sales performance more effectively,
  • Conceive, Deploy & Analyze flexible incentives and
  • Capability to conduct what if simulations
Therefore a comprehensive SPIM deployment will enable the company to achieve revenue growth, profitability and retention.
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