Solution Domain
The world is changing faster than at any other point of time in the history of man kind, faster probably than the automobile, the telephone or electricity.

There are revolutions underway in cybernetics, telecommunications, genetics, optics, physics, astronomy, medicine, environmental science and government.

These revolutions unlike in the past are not localized anymore. More and more organizations are being compelled to become Multi National/Location Organizations in order to survive by taking advantage localized market conditions.

Thus now more than ever there is a need for constant structured and unstructured communication and information flow both in terms of voice and data.

The Wireless and Internet have provided the framework over which such communication can take place. However, all organizations have a requirement of communicating information with their partners using their unique workflows and processes.

It is in these domains that Geine is focusing on to provide solutions. Thereby extending the enterprise, by providing the sales force on the field will the ability to communicate with existing applications at the central office for an MNC/FMCG or providing a consumer a medium to communicate with the corproates during their leisure time from neutral venues(eg. Shopping Mall, Coffee Bar, etc).

Wireless Domain

With the trend of more and more businesses becoming distributed continuing and wireless networks being cheaper and faster to deploy than terrestrial ones. Mobile devices are becoming a necessity for all businesses.

Therefore, Geine has been providing solutions to businesses across various industries to harness the potential of the Wireless Network Coverage provided by service providers. Geine has been extending the capabilities of existing business applications to the increasing prevalent mobile devices.

Web Application Domain

In addition to providing the benefits of existing applications to mobile users, Geine has also been focusing on extending business application to extend the same to partner companies and remote branch offices.

The Internet has provided businesses with a great opportunity to distribute their operations to en cash on the benefits provided in different locations. However, with the opportunity of distribution comes the greater need of exchange of information.

Geine has been providing web solutions to businesses across various industries for them to harness the potential by assisting them in distributing their operations/partners across various locations and still ensuring that the information exchange and application usage is as transparent as if they were operating in the same premises.

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